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What, origami is a performance art? Not traditionally, but
Jeremy’s origami is anything but traditional. Imagine a
piece of paper folded into nail clippers that really work,
or a Swiss Army knife that actually opens, or a surfer on
a wave that crashes when the surfer is slid forward.
These are just a few of Jeremy’s many spectacular and
original origami models that he performs with.


Just the act of showing his
origami is a big act in itself that
grabs people’s attention. But
that’s not all... Jeremy also has
highly transforming models he
uses as magic tricks and for
storytelling. In addition he has
lots of surprisingly simple models
that he can teach to large crowds.


Jeremy has performed his
origami on TV talk shows, and
at parties, festivals, schools,
museums, libraries, and
tradeshow booths. He has been
invited as guest of honor to
origami conventions in seven
different countries


Videos of Jeremy 
demonstrating his
origami on TV:Rotating pictures 
of Jeremy's 
origami in action:
Action Pictures
Jeremy's Promotional Brochure


GIF format
GIF format
8.5 X 11
PDF format


GIF format
GIF format
8.5 X 11
PDF format

Promotional Brochure. Click to view larger.

Check out Jeremy's
book, "Origami to 
Astonish and Amuse"

Interactive Action-Packed Act for Birthday Parties and Festivities for All Ages!

Entertainment includes a zany 30-minute show with juggling, unicycling (6-foot unicycle!), giant transforming origami, magic, comedy, and more, often followed by roving or interaction with the kids/adults -- teaching juggling/origami or making balloon animals. Jeremy is also a fire eater, fire juggler, stilt walker and is 100% insured.

For corporate banquets, entertainment can be a stage show, and/or roving -- assorted 3-minute performances at each table. In addition, roving includes unicycling around while juggling bright computerized glowballs.

Featured on Evening Magazine. Fluent in Spanish. Serving the whole Bay Area.

Jeremy’s juggling act can be tailored to fit
almost any audience, performance space
 and time frame. The act often opens with
a zany two-minute three-ball routine
where he sticks a ball in one ear, pulls it
out the other, eats it, digests it, and then
either vomits it or poops it (depending on
the developmental stage of the audience).
Then he plays contortionist, juggling with
his arms crossed behind the back and then
 with arms double-crossed in front.

Jeremy has many juggling routines that are
 tossed in as time permits: juggling inside
a Hoberman sphere, blind juggling, and
 various other stunts involving volunteers.

For his finale he likes to do his Fire Act, but has many other finale juggling acts as well:.
Computerized Globalls,
Watermelon plus two Cantaloupes on Six-foot Unicycle,
Five Hunks of Tofu on a Six-foot Unicycle,
Numbers Challenge: 6,7,8 and 9 balls!


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