Jeremy's Page

One of my more recent hobbies is traveling to far off lands... mostly in the name of origami.  Here are my traveling memoirs as published in the BARF Newsletter.

Japan -- February 2003

February 2003 Memoirs.PDF 

Venezuela -- February 2001

February 2001 Memoirs.PDF 

Colombia, Ecuador, Italy -- December 2000

December 2000 Memoirs.PDF 

Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba -- December 1999

December 1999 Memoirs.PDF 

England, France, Spain -- April 1999

April 1999 Memoirs.PDF 

Japan -- July 1998

July 1998 Memoirs.PDF

Colombia -- November 1997

November 1997 Memoirs.PDF

Handwhistling with Carlos Buchelli in Venezuela

Faces of Fun — Colombian Origami Convention 2000

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