PDF diagrams

Right out of past BARF Newsletters, here are diagrams in .PDF format.

For more .PDF diagrams by Jeremy click here.


To open the PDF diagrams on this page you need to have installed on your computer Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or later version). To download it now go to: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html


Snail Mail

By Sy Chen

Magic Carpet

By Alex Ratner


By Tom May

Playing the Cards

By Eugeny Fridrikh

One Love, Two Love

By Kaela Ross and Stephen Weiss

Crane Hat

By Jeremy Shafer

Jester’s Hat

By Jeremy Shafer

Simple Flasher

By Jeremy Shafer

Empfanger Envelope

By Heinz Strobl


By Jeremy Shafer

Dollar Bill Enterpri$e

By Perry Bailey


By Jeremy Shafer

Smiling George



By V’ann Cornelius

Simple Sorcerer

By Perry Bailey

Acid Lemon

By Jack Skillman

Gami Ball

By Jeremy Shafer

Gami Ball Template


By Robert Lang

Martian Bouncing Spider

By Perry Bailey

Striped Heart

By Jeremy Shafer

One Piece Flipper

By Sy Chen

Space Shuttle

By Perry Bailey

Easier Done than Said Envelope

By Maldon Wilson

Girl in a Dress

Stephen Weiss

Nuclear Crane

By Alec Fehl

Cartoon Dragon

By Perry Bailey

Football Envelope

Laura Kruskal

Hearts Unlimited

By Sy Chen

Baby on a Bed

By Jeremy Shafer





Cross Envelope

By Jeremy Shafer

Ribboned Envelope

By Laura Kruskal

Clown Nose

By Jeremy Shafer

Croaking Frog

By Peter Budai

Can Love be Squashed?

By Sy Chen

Color Mixer

By Jose Arley Moreno

Flower Heart

By Kathleen Weller  Diagrams 1997 by Charles Knuffke

Broken Heart

By Jeremy Shafer

Paper Cutter

By Jeremy Shafer

Hug Me Envelope

By Jeremy Shafer

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